"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement."

-Matt Biondi

“I wanted to take a moment and highly recommend Dr. K.C. Wilder. I have worked with her when I was racing a lot back in 2012 and am working with her now. She’s an amazing Elite athlete, super cool person, and incredible “Mental Training Expert” specializing in meeting the needs of athletes looking for the elite mental edge. I’m not looking to become an “elite athlete”per say but I am looking to keep balance and focus in my life while racing MY best race.”

-Sheri Archibald

“I have the utmost respect for Dr. KC Wilder as a person of integrity and as a savvy performance coach. Few are capable of achieving National Championship caliber performances themselves. Fewer still understand the process so thoroughly and are so adept at mentoring and connecting with athlete of all stripes as Dr KC. I have benefited from her expertise myself and have heard stories of how she has transformed other athletes mental approach so as to be able to tap into a higher level of energy and self-confidence previously not utilized.

If you are committed to winning, then you need to address the mental game. And I don’t know anyone more qualified to help you do so than Dr. KC.”

-Bob O’Brien, 6th place 2017 National Championship Senior Games, 5K cycling time trials, Alabama.

“KC Wilder is one of the top sports trainers you can find. Dr. Wilder is a USA Cycling National Champion, and I give full credit to her coaching and inspiration the helped guide me to a new and healthier lifestyle.

In the year 2001 I bought a bicycle and decided to ‘get off the couch’. I had no idea about goals, opportunities, nor experiences, I just was looking to get started. The perfect balance of physical training combined with the direction to the future… KC gave me the gift of believing I am capable of anything.

Since then I have competed in 100 mile charity bike rides, toured Ireland for three weeks by bicycle and in 2015 I competed in my first half Ironman. I give full credit to the inspiration and foundation that KC instilled in me.

I am honored to fully recommend Dr. KC Wilder for all Sports Training, Psychology and performance.”

-Marilyn Anker (client of K.C.’s)

“K.C. has an ability to extract athletic performance from her students while incorporating balanced thinking about training and the impact of athletic endeavors in our lives.”

-Sue Flynn (client of K.C.’s)

“I have contacted Dr. Wilder at the end of June, only 6 weeks prior to Masters Nationals in track cycling. I was not doing well that time and considered not going to that event, even willing to stop racing altogether. I race for many years and this year was very emotionally challenging with creation of new women’s team, trying to be the team leader and manager, completing my own training, working as a physical therapist and taking care of my family. I was so happy that Dr. Wilder agreed to work with me especially since she knows the sport of cycling as a competitor also; she knows the nature of the sport.

I went through the counseling process with her on weekly basis and that absolutely changed my attitude toward real life, sport, and level of confidence in my competition and achievements, professional and personal life. With Dr. Wilder guidance I have learned new skills of focus, self-motivation, goal setting and most important mental toughness which helped me tremendously at the Nationals and I’ve had one of the best competitions earning several podium finishes.

Sessions with Dr. Wilder have become important part of my life helping me to shift the perspective and perception of victory, to feel happy about my performance and achievements in life and sport.”

-Olga Weeks (client of K.C.’s)

“K.C.’s spinning workshop started as a good way for me to get ready for the summer and build endurance,” but after time, it became “a lifestyle-changing workshop that I will always use to maintain a healthy physical and mental fitness level.”

-Renee Rodgers (client of K.C.’s)

“KC Has provided our members with an amazing amount of knowledge, kindness and support while coaching them to go the extra mile in keeping their body healthy and strong.”

-Joanna Abbott (client of K.C.’s)

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