Human Performance: The Wellness of the Whole Athlete. By Dr. K.C. Wilder

| June 3rd, 2019

For the wellness of the whole athlete, mental skills can be learned and practiced with consistency for maximal wellness.

We all perceive situations differently. For one person, being in a high-pressure, chaotic sports environment can be energizing. For another person, the same situation can cause extreme anxiety.

Let’s use the abstract picture below to illustrate our point. It’s not a “what do you see” scenario. Rather, it is HOW does this picture make you FEEL.

Our focus here is on FEEL not on feelings or what you see…

Does the picture make you feel calm?

Does the picture make you feel in control?

We chose these two extreme questions to make it clear that two people can have a VERY different sensory experiences based on their past memories, present consciousness and perceptions.

Our message is: before you can develop a solid “be well” performance foundation, you must raise your own sensory awareness. Raising your sensory awareness is the cornerstone to the mastery of being well.

As Doug Newburg tells us: One must be well to do well.

When one has put in the work to raise sensory awareness, being well becomes more intuitive and automatic. And, in high performance “automatic” is what we are after for consistent, playful and peak experiences.

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