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"EVERY STRIKE brings me closer
to the next homerun."

-Babe Ruth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you teach my student-athlete to be less anxious before a big game?

A: Yes, the Elite Mental Edge (EME) student-athlete program teaches specific strategies on how to reduce pre-game nerves. We teach your athlete pre-game preparation techniques that will enhance game day performance.

Q: The night before a big race I think about my outcome and I have a hard time sleeping. Can you help me “turn-off” negative and outcome oriented thinking?

A: The big picture is that the night before the race EME has already provided you with the foundational mindset for peak performance. Therefore, you have made the switch from an outcome oriented approach to a process oriented focus.

Q: After my student-athlete makes a mistake on the soccer field he/she gets upset, and loses focus. What can he do on the field to “reset”?

A: A technique that we teach at Elite Mental Edge (EME) is to use your three “R’s”. Recognize, Regroup and Refocus. Recognize the stress, Regroup by using a good breath and Refocus by looking ahead and focusing on the present play. The 3 R’s happen in 10 seconds.

Q: What does it mean to be able to refocus on process goals?

A: Refocusing on process goals during performance can help an athlete stay in a present mindset and be less stressed about achieving the desired outcome. This mindset conserves your energy for optimal performance.

Q: Can you teach me how to find “Flow” and achieve peak performance?

A: Yes. We consider ourselves “facilitators of flow”. Our method teaches you how to tap into a present mindset, free of fear of failure, free of doubt and free of self-sabotage. We have refined our method to free it up, let it go and find Flow.

Q: How soon can I expect results from the EME program?

A: After our first session you will learn key components of tapping into your own Elite Mental Edge Mindset. You will be able to add simple concepts to your practice, so that your game or race day is more seamless, full of confidence and prepared for play.

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