Chasing PAR: Psychology of Golf

| November 29th, 2017

Beverly Rickles is a former LPGA Teaching and Coaching Division member. She was a lead instructor for Nike Junior golf in Williamstown, MA. for more than 20 years. She has a master’s degree in education. When not teaching, she enjoys golf, cycling, and dressage. Connect with Beverly on LinkedIn.

Golf provides an opportunity to hone life skills while enjoying nature, competition, and friendship. This is why golf is such an amazing game. Yet, everyday I hear my students and friends complain about their score. I try to explain, “You are not playing the game of golf; you are chasing par! “

Par often eludes us, but all is not lost as we pursue this magic number! The acronym PAR can help you to stay grounded so that you can play your best game. The P in Par is a reminder to be patient. It is impossible to score well on the course without exercising a hefty amount of patience. The A in PAR will remind you to accept the outcome of your shots. Accept that you will make mistakes.

How gracefully you forgive yourself and move on will make you a champion, with or without a perfect score. Finally, the R signals respect. I challenge you to extend this concept of respect to your performance potential. Respect that you have the ability to play great golf.

So, the next time you play, imagine an alternative PAR. Learn to laugh off your bad shots, as you wait patiently for good shots, and believe in your ability. Enjoy the game and PAR will find you!

We are all in this together!

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