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Mental Training for Perfectionistic Youth Athletes: Performance Tips. By Dr. K.C. Wilder

| May 30th, 2019

Mental Training for Perfectionistic Youth Athletes: Performance Tips to PLAY Well Perfectionistic youth athletes have a lot on their minds when they prepare for an athletic contest. Academics, family, and friendships are major concerns at an age when they feel the need to be consistently progressing in their sport. As perfectionists, they carry the burden […]

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Youth Sports and The Magic in Performance

| April 22nd, 2019

Working Title for a Children’s Baseball Book: ‘Ole Sharky: There IS Magic in Baseball By Tom Wilder Craig, Jack Wilder Craig and Dr. K.C. Wilder Illustrations are currently being done. We will keep you posted here with updates! I won’t lie. I’ve never really believed in magic. But the truth is, baseball showed me that […]

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Sports-Related Injuries For Youth Athletes: How Parent’s Can Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

| December 15th, 2017

Dr. Mae Sakharov received her Doctorate of Curriculum and Teaching (Ed.D) with highest honors from the Teachers College of Columbia University, where she also earned a Master of Arts in early childhood special education and a Master of Education in learning disabilities. She received a Bachelor of Arts cum laude in reading and children’s literature […]

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